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The most powerful tool to help restaurant servers elevate their service skills and make... A LOT OF MONEY!


This book is an intimate conversation with new and experienced restaurant servers. It shines a bright light on the psychological part of service protocol.

Mastering the Art of Impeccable Restaurant Service is a roadmap that leads servers to recalibrate their mindset about their job so they can create amazing dining experiences for all guests and make a lot of money in the process.

Just so we’re clear: This is not a discussion about the particulars of running a restaurant, nor is it a lesson about the ins and outs of food preparation. The goal is to help restaurant servers become the very best in the business by teaching them the most important element of service that needs to be emphasized as effectively as possible…  

The "WHY"

"Why" are some actions performed in a certain manner for impeccable service to occur?

"Why" " must some items look a specific way for a magical meal to happen?

"Why" does a specific approach create energy that dictates the impact made on a guest's dining experiences? Etc...

While restaurant managers and trainers have most certainly taught their servers the contours of "HOW" to perfect the mechanics of service, they must also address a long list of "WHYs" in order to maximize their staff's potential and guide them toward the mastering of their craft so they can create memorable dining experiences for their guests and make A LOT MORE MONEY in the process. This powerful guide was created to help them achieve that goal.


L. Christian Amougou

In December 1994, L. Christian Amougou crash-landed into the hospitality world: not by choice, but by pure necessity to survive in a foreign country he knew nothing about. Little did he know that this new restaurant service adventure would eventually transcend decades, stretch across multiple countries and span a variety of service styles—from casual eateries in Libreville, Gabon to fine dining establishments in Beverly Hills, working for world-renowned chefs including Scott Conant, Geoffrey Zakarian and Lincoln Carson. 

Along the way, Christian has not only acquired important skills in the fundamentals and mechanics of proper service but also—most importantly—gained remarkable knowledge with respect to the psychology of restaurant hospitality. He deems the latter a spiritual expression between two parties involving food, drinks and a wonderfully orchestrated dining experience inside an hour or two.

In his book, Christian speaks directly to a specific group of individuals—restaurant servers—and discusses his unique approach to service. Relying on key elements of his vast experience and sharing insightful anecdotes along the way, Christian lays out a roadmap designed to help servers maximize their potential, improve their service skills and make a lot more money in the process.


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